Q.Can the lantern charge in cloudy, shade or in Fluorescent light?
A.Almost can’t
In medium size, indicator lamp doesn’t also blink
Please expose to sunlight directly and firmly..
Please be careful not to be in shade.
Sunlight moves during winter so please be careful not to be in shadow.
It takes time to charge when the sunlight is not strong, short and weak like winter season.
The sun moves so please be careful not to be in shade when charging.

- Even in sunny day, sunlight reflect by window glass so it takes long time to charge over the window.
- The light of room light is quite weak compare to sunlight. You can not almost charge under the shade, cloud and room light.
Q.How long does it last?
A.About 500 times if charged repeatedly.
About 500 times usable but battery become weak.
Q.light isn’t on even pushed power button.
A.battery may be running out, please place to sunlight again and recharge enough.
Q.Is it okay the water into it from the side hole?
A.It’s okay. The hole is air hole (hole for air). To the air come out , it can fold easily. Moreover, it’s okay to get wet the material. The part of solar panel is seal up, waterproof, and bust-proof.